thunderbird: thunderbird!

This list, is for the purpose of discussing thunderbird, which is an email client, developed by mozilla! and it's free an open source! and the rules are as follows!

1! Messages are to be on topic, whatsoever!

2! if someone asks a question, and you don't know the answer, you's are not to be posting a response, by saying you don't know, because it'll clutter my list, with unnecessary traffic!

3! there's absolutely! no soliciting, by posting surveys, or asking for donations, or you's will automatically, be reported, to John Madden, who's the owner of, and him and myself, will politely be having a discussion as to you's being banned from his platform, and I'll automatically bann you's, from my list, quicker than you can say 1 2 3! You guys are all mature adults! so act like one!