This group has been around since 2009. It is a general discussion group. The general purpose for the group is to share information and commentary about a range of subjects, including U.S. politics, economy, undue or illegal influence on government, constitutional matters, hidden history, societal manipulations, medical/epidemiological matters and what are sometimes referred to as "conspiracy theories."

This group was formed because of the increasing numbers of people interested in receiving information on the various subjects mentioned above. This particularly applies to the expatriate groups with which I am associated.

Initially, and hopefully permanently, posts by members, either original or as follow-up comments to other posts, will be freely allowed. However, we do not want the group to become some kind of free-for-all that is outside the general parameters established. Neither do we want it to be a place for rancor or offensive language.

RULES: Please, no chain letters (whether blessings, curses or incantations) or petitions (political or otherwise).