thedailyshot: The Daily Shot

The Daily Shot is a chart-based newsletter covering select global economic and market trends, distributed via e-mail once a day (if time allows). The newsletter is intended to be succinct, to the point, with no self-promoting nonsense and no long-winded opinions. If you are looking for Armageddon predictions or conspiracy theories, you will be thoroughly disappointed. E-mail addresses are NEVER sold or otherwise shared with anyone. *** Please note that some corporate e-mail systems (for example Deutsche Bank, Notz Stucki, Rabobank, Financial Orbit, Discountbank, and a number of other European institutions) will categorize most newsletters as spam. *** IMPORTANT: If you don't receive the Daily Shot within a couple of days of registration, please check your spam box or contact us at *** The Daily Shot archive is available here: - it's formatted for viewing on a mobile device. *** Our thanks to for helping with this project.

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