telnet: Blind telnet/BBS discussion

This list is primarily designed to help the blind or vision impaired user learn more about telnet and the BBS community, but all are welcome. I have produced tutorials on the Synchronet BBS package and telnet protocol so questions about them may also be discussed. I as moderator will not interfere unless the list wonders off topic, as I feel that this should be a relaxed, fun environment. Please, no prophanity as minors may be participating.better assist the blind or vision..impaired user use the telnet protocol .and/or to start his/her own bulletin..board system or BBS. I have created .tutorials for the Synchronet BBS..package and telnet protocol so this .list will answer questions on them as..well. However, anyone may join who has .an interest in the telnet BBS community .or being a BBS sysop.

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