teennet: North Hills ARC Teen Net

An e-mail list for regular participants in the North Hills ARC Teen Net. The Teen Net is a network of amateur radio operators, dedicated to youth involvement in amateur radio. Amateur Radio is a non-commercial radio service, for individuals who enjoy "tinkering" with electronic communications equipment. Amateur Radio operators have invented their own network of digital data communications called packet, APRS, PSK31, and other modes. Amateur Radio opertors also use conventional methods of communications such as Morse Code, Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Modulation, and Phase Modulation. Radio amateurs build and fix their own radio equipment, gain a lot of knowledge of electronics and antennas, and learn a lot about electricity. Amateur radio operators can also use internet resources to talk on gateways using Voice over the Internet to radio control board and transmitters across the world. The Teen Net is a gathering place for young amateur radio operators to learn and be "elmered" in these areas, so they may enjoy amateur radio better, and teach others more.

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