techrubbish: the rubbish bin

This list is for old computer equipment.

New equipment is allowed however.

This list is for all that stuff that you don't need and would like to throw away but don't know where.

My only rules are no flames, no pirated stuff, and no broken things that can't be fixed.

If its parts of a broken thing that can be used in another thing then post by all means.

Note! this is not a trade list.

Although if there is old tech or unused tech you want to change something with, thats fine although it is prefured but not manditory that the stuff comes free.

And you are responsible for your own shipping.

Once an offer has been made responces after this may go to the list.

You will have to arange shipping.

I know this is like the sight exchange list.

However you don't need to offer anything first, in fact you don't have to offer at all, or post, or anything.

And you can chat, just not to much.

And you can bring along interesting tech articles.

And if you like you can ask questions about your old and still working equipment.

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