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The purpose of this list is to be used so that Cuban artists have a way to discuss the manifestations of art. As is already known in Cuba, there is no mass access to the Internet, so the Cuban people lack the means to debate and approach art manifestations. However, it is common for Cubans to use electronic mail as the most frequent means of communication. This distribution list is requested by the board of directors of the Teatro Pálpito group (the website of the site is https://palpito.cubava.cu/ still in development) to be used as a channel to discuss the arts in Cuba. Theater, dance, plastic arts, music and cinema suffer from the non-disclosure of their projects. At this moment, criticism of the arts lacks the means to express itself and make its criteria known to people who like art. A short time ago we learned about the existence of FREELIST and we thought it was the best way to share with art lovers an entertaining debate, an educational talk that encourages the public to attend the country's halls. The new FREELIST policy of membership confirmation will allow us not to intervene SPAM in the debate what pleases us.

The exercise of criticism is free throughout the world so we ask you this way to get to the Cuban public the most recent of the arts in the country so that in this way they can know more about the artistic manifestations that take place in the country. The purpose of the list is merely for the debate and the suggestion of themes, staging, exhibitions and the dissemination of events developed with the world of the arts. It will never be used for purposes harmful to human morals or to promote actions against the policy of FREELIST.

Sincerely and awaiting your response. Board of Directors Pálpito Theater Group

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