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Tangible Feelings Workshops is a series of international events devoted to fostering a discussion around BCI and EEG technologies ( new generation brain-computer interfaces, like IBVA , Emotiv , Neurosky ) and their aesthetic implications in the field of contemporary digital arts. The workshops, taught by artists and researchers Mattia Casalegno, and Enzo Varriale, offer both skill-based learning and theoretical discussion about the impact of BCI technology in the worlds of art and science.

The first workshop was held at iMal in Brussels as part of the Tangible Feelings festival, a 3-days event comprising also a symposium and an exhibition that brought together artists, scientists, researchers and experts in EEG and BCI technologies.

The second appointment was held in Taipei in January 2012. Organized by the Transjourney Future Media festival and hosted by the Digital Art CenterTaipei, this 3-days workshop was focused on creating audiovisual and interactive applications with the Neurosky technology and the max/msp/jitter , Processing and Arduino programming environments.