talk-serotek: Talk Serotek

The purpose of this list is to talk about the use of Serotek�s products and technology. This list is not affiliated with Serotek in any way. We will talk about how Serotek�s products compare to other technologies out there. Any experience you have with Serotek and it�s products is welcome! Constructive criticism is also welcome, however bashing of any type will not be tolerated!

Topics up for disscussion include, but are not limmited to the following:

How serotek�s products like system access work with windows xp/vista/ other os�s/applications compared with software from other vendors.

How other screen reading software compares positively and/or negatively with system access in terms of functionality, ease of use, and reliable information presentation to the user.

Remote access tools from serotek, compared with other vendors remote access offerings.

Using the system access software in a job setting and/or a class room setting.

Differences in scripting for jaws, window eyes, and system access.