srividhya: Data Scientist

At Ideas2IT, we have a strong culture of innovation & effective solutions. Our adoption of bleeding-edge technologies allows us to not only solve more problems but solve them better. With tech moving as fast as it is, we encourage similar, accelerated growth curves for our developers. They’re given individual mentorship from long-standing employees and are nudged towards the right direction based on their abilities & long-term goals.

Within months, developers at Ideas2IT would become capable solution experts who are in sync with the latest in technology and will reap the benefits of being around a stellar leadership team to accelerate their growth. If you’re interested in joining us, please check our employees say!

What you’ll be doing?

ü Perform data analysis (with a representative sample data slice) and build/prototype the model(s)

ü Provide inputs to the data ingestion/engineering team on input data required by the model, size, format, associations, cleansing required

ü Identify/Provide approach and data to validate the model(s)

ü Do hands-on data analysis and model creation and tune the model(s) to improve results provided over time

ü Proactively mentor other team members

What we’re looking for?

ü Candidate with strong mathematical, logical and analytical thinking.

ü Passion for understanding business problems and trying to address them by leveraging data - characterized by high-volume, high dimensionality from multiple sources

ü Ability to communicate complex models and analysis in a clear and precise manner

ü Experience with building predictive statistical, behavioral or other models via supervised and unsupervised machine learning, statistical analysis, and other predictive modeling techniques.

ü Experience using Python, Julia, Matlab or equivalent statistical/data analysis tools. Ability to transfer that knowledge to different tools

ü Strong background in probability, statistics & Linear Algebra.

ü Natural language processing experience is a plus

ü Experience with Python ML frameworks, Apache Spark, R, C / C++, Google BigQuery, Scala / Octave, Kafka and so on