springfieldfuturists: Springfield Futurists - Accelerating Change Reading Group

"Springfield Futurists" will meet the second Monday of every month at 7:00 9:00 PM to discuss the observed phenomena of accelerating change (AC) and its present and future implications. Books and papers will be discussed from the following areas: accelerating change; autonomous intelligence; growth trends in business, culture, education, ethics, spirituality, technology et al.; advanced technology; cognitive science; biotechnology; cognitive and emotional engineering; the ethics, policies, strategies, and security risks of technologies; philosophy of AI, ethics, mind, and others; spirituality; humanism, extropianism, and transhumanism; computer science; business, education; and law. Each month we will discuss recent events in our lives; bring and introduce an interesting AC-related article, book, magazine, paper, investment tip, or video; announce new events or plans; explore, discuss, and recommend new B&N audio, books, or magazines; review one or two books and two or more papers; provide a guest-speaker presentation, whenever possible; and, for those interested, have a group dinner discussion shortly after the meeting.

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If you would like a general information document about the reading group, please email trans_humanism@msn.com