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A new list called SonicVision has been created for blind travelers who use a K-Sonar, KASPA or Sonic guide in their daily mobility. Ultrasonic waves provide an auditory feedback system that provides travelers with accurate spatial information about their immediate environment. By listening to different sounds reflected from their travel path, , a blind person can interpret spatial information about what is nearby, such as the texture of an object and its precise distance. By detecting and avoiding obstacles, a travel experience becomes more interesting and safe.

The purpose of the list is to exchange information and tips on using ultrasonic technology. . It is a forum through which experienced travelers can help others make full use of ultrasonics in daily mobility and to share with others their expertise.

If you have an electronic travel aid or are interested in learning more about using an ETA and would like to join the list, send an empty email to

For more information about ultrasonic devices, visit

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