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The Socialist Viewpoint Publishing Association publishes Socialist Viewpoint in the interests of the working class.

The editors take positions consistent with revolutionary Marxism. Within this context the editors will consider for publication articles, reviews or comments. The editors may publish comments to accompany these articles. Photographs and cartoons will be appreciated.

Socialist Viewpoint reprints articles circulated on the Internet when we deem them of interest to our readers. Such articles are reprinted exactly as they appeared in the original source, without any editorial or stylistic changes by us.

No limitation will be placed on the author(s) use of their material in their subsequent work provided acknowledgment is made of its publication in Socialist Viewpoint. The Socialist Viewpoint Publishing Association retains for itself rights to reprint articles as collections, educational bulletins, and similar uses. With the inclusion of an acknowledgment and a notice of the copyright ownership, permission is hereby given educators to duplicate essays for distribution gratis or for use in the classroom at cost. The author(s) retain all other rights.

Signed articles do not necessarily represent the views of Socialist Viewpoint. These views are expressed in editorials.

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