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This list is for The Saturday Night Variety Show, an Internet radio program hosted by DJ Celrock on Sky 106 Radio. When subscribing to this mailing list, you'll get exclusive opportunities that aren't available on the announcements list provided by the station where the show is carried at this time. Such extras include the ability to discuss the show with the host on the list, as listeners on this list can both, receive messages posted, as well as being able to post messages to the list. This allows us to discuss the show in terms of ideas, feedback, and anything you'd like to talk about in terms of the program, provided that it's relatively positive, and won't spark up any negative drama. Any negativity, which includes but is not limited to, bashing the show or the host in any fashion, or imposing any threats that could cost you some legal action, will get you removed and banned from this list immediately,no questions asked. Additional actions other than being banned and unsubscribed will only be considered, if the reasons for having to remove you from this list require such to need to take place.

Also, another thing you can expect to get on this list each week after a show has aired, is the ability to obtain that week's archive, if by chance, you either missed all or part of that week's edition of the program Live, or you wish to listen to the show again. If you're one to get podcasts of radio shows, and this happens to be a show you like to listen to again, it should be noted that this is your ONLY OPPORTUNITY to receive this special opportunity. You won't be able to get access to archives of this program outside of this mailing list. Please note that this is a separate mailing list that's exclusive to this program, and is not affiliated with any Internet radio station carrying the program at the time. It should also be noted, that any views or opinions expressed on this list are sully those of the list's admin, that being the host of the show, and its list's subscribers, and do not reflect the views and opinions set force at the station that's carrying The Saturday Night Variety Show.

We thank you for taking the time to subscribe to this very special exclusive mailing list, and hope you enjoy your stay.

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