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SNN Connections is a peer-based support email group created by and for patients receiving treatment for neurological and neuropathy-related disorders at the SNN Clinic. Most group members are receiving infusions (mainly Gamunex-C [IVIG] and Solumedrol IV steroids) for chronic immune-mediated neurological disorders (mainly Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy [CIDP] and Myasthenia Gravis [MG]). The goals of this group are to help build a supportive community which encourages discussion, provides opinions and information, fosters positive emotional support, and helps patients move forward in their recovery and wellness. We all have struggles, we all have questions, and we all are humans doing the best we can with our stressors and illnesses. Be polite, no bullying, no trash-talking about the staff or other patients, and keep politics and heavy religion out of discussions. You may vent about your frustrations and struggles, but you are ultimately responsible for your own self-care and this list is not a replacement for medical or mental health services. This list is not directly affiliated with, operated by, or managed by SNNC staff and all information shared here is opinion and support by fellow peers. All medical concerns, questions, and treatment options should be discussed directly between you and your treating physicians before being enacted upon. SNNC staff does not have access to this group, please direct all staff correspondences to the clinic phone or fax numbers. If this is a medical emergency please call 911 for immediate assistance.

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