sls-roundtable: Solid Liquid Separation

This will be the mailing list to discuss all kind of questions concerning solid liquid separation problems. All scientists, users of solid liquid separation equipment and vendors of solid liquid separation equipment are invited to join the mailing-list.

The mailing list should be used to discuss practical problems of every day work, e.g. how to handle and separate a slurry with special properties. Furthermore it should be used for scientific announcements like call for papers or new books on the market.

Some remarks concerning the solid liquid separation roundtable:

The roundtable is a group of interested people working in the field of solid liquid separation. A kind of meeting tradition has been established. Once a year a meeting is organised by a company, which invites the roundtable members to one of its sites to show around and discuss actual scientific or educational questions. This meeting usually does not stand alone, it is attached a conference in the field of solid liquid separation. The meeting history started 1999 in Wilmington, USA. Further meetings had been held 1999, Freeport, USA, 2000 Karlsruhe / Frankfurt, Germany, 2001, Mobile, USA and 2002 Sydney, Australia.

The main language of the mailing list will be English.

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