slopesite: Slope Sites

At Slope Sites enthusiasts are encouraged to exchange ideas related to Design and Construction Techniques for Slope Gliders. Airfoil application, new construct materials, use of correct electronics for Slopers will be discused. The correct use and reading of Slope Site topography to maximize lift for Conventional soaring and Dynamic soaring is also encouraged.Users can contribute information for a list of Slope Sites world wideenabling us to locate Slope/Ridge Soaring Sites wherever you go on a trip or vacation. Enthusiasts help is needed to gather this information. We are looking for information on all types of Slope Sites, large or small, natural or manmade, city or country. Any info you can send will help. Information sent to us should include but does not require the following: >Site Name >Location >Map/Link >Flyable wind directions >Prevailing wind >Landing Area >Out Landing Recovery Area >is Dynamic Soaring possible >Type of glider best suited for the site >Contact info if required for private or restricted areas >any special instructions on site usage. Please send site information to slopesite@freelists.orgLet us know if you do NOT want your e-mail address shown as a site contact.

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