skype4theblind: skype for the blind

This list, is for the purpose of discussing both the desktop version as well as the windows10 builtin skype app, and how to use it, from a blind persons point of view with a screen reader, such as jaws and NVDA! and the rules are as follows!

1! there's absolutely, no spamming, nor posting surveys, nor asking for donations, whatsoever, or you's will, be reported to John Madden, who's the owner of, as well as being removed and bann from this list!

2! no discussing pirated software, nor illegal content, either!

3! No being disrespectful towards each other!

4! If someone posts a message, and you don't know the answer, then don't post a response, saying you don't know, because you'll clutter my list, with unnecessary traffic!

5! If you know that a message, is off topic, then don't post it, because you'll clutter my list, with unnecessary traffic!

So welcome aboard, so let's have a good time, and share each others knowledge, and be helpfull, and abide by the rules, that are set fourth on this list, please and thank you.