seeingwithsound: Seeing with Sound - The vOICe

This group is for discussing the vision technology for the totally blind known as The vOICe (written with capitals O I C in "vOICe"). The vOICe converts images and video from a camera into corresponding sounds. Blind users in particular are welcome to report their experiences, and ask and answer questions. Hopefully this group will evolve into a lively user forum where more experienced blind users help new users. Discussion on alternative sensory substitution technologies (e.g. BrainPort) as well as retinal implants (e.g. Argus II, Prima) and brain implants (e.g. Orion I) is welcome, and in fact encouraged in the context of open benchmarking and informed decision making. The overarching theme is artificial vision for the blind.

In order to post to the list after subscribing, just send your message to or reply to postings from others. More information about The vOICe technology can be found on the website