The SCFirearms discussion list is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is NOT restricted to members of GrassRoots South Carolina.

The purpose of the SCFirearms mailing list is to provide an area for discussion of topics related to South Carolina gun ownership. Especially important is discussion of second amendment activism as it relates to SC gun rights legislation. Since this list was originated by CWP holders you can expect Concealed Weapons Permit topics to be an actively discussed issue.

Civility and gun related content are the only requirements. Argument and disagreement are fine, but Ad Hominem attacks and incivility will not be permitted. If your intent is to disrupt this group with anti-gun rhetoric or infighting you can expect to be shown the door. Please be aware that all posts to the group are delivered to the entire group. If you want to have an argument with a group member, then do so via private e-mail and not on the group. This group is defined as "unmoderated" however be aware that posts from new members require approval. Be CIVIL in your discussions. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Simple as that.

If any of the above items meets your needs or interests we welcome you to the SCFirearms e-mail discussion group. This list is a migration of the SCFirearms list that was on YahooGroups since 1999.