redtransnacionaldesociologia: Red Transnacional de Sociologia

The Transnational Network of Sociology is the she social network that connects sociologists worldwide. The objective of this network is that sociologist from around the world to communicate, create links, share knowledge and form working groups.

This network connecting sociologists is formed from free membership of each of its members. Moreover, no fee is requested.

Advantages of create this network and being member of it:

- Free communication from your email with hundreds of people interested in Sociology

- Possibility to find people working on similar issues and create working groups, research networks and thematic meetings

- Increase cooperation among sociologists: network members can help answer questions on research, theories or methods

- Gain information about potential jobs, scholarships, courses, events, conferences

- Rise community values among sociologist

The Transnational Network of Sociology is a social network that will connect sociologist for free from the email. So far, there is not any transnational network to connect sociologists. There are several professional organizations on Sociology, but not a easy, fast and effective network of communication that connect sociologists. That will be the Transnational Network of Sociology

A manager will supervise the membership and communication to avoid spam.