rareheritageturkeys: Rare Heritage Turkeys

An e-mail discussion group on raising, preserving, and breeding Rare and/or Heritage Breeds of turkeys. This group is open to everyone interested in turkeys, be they new or old seasoned pros. NO flaming is allowed.

DUE TO THE SIZE OF THE LIST the moderators would like to make clear that it is the responsibilty of the RHT posters to be vigilant about trimming their posts so that they are easier to read in the digest form, as well as keeping the archives clearer for those who need to research information. Also, it's very important with a list this size to keep on topic, which is TURKEYS only. Off topic concerns MAY occasionally be permitted by the moderators, but this is at their discretion and has to be kept to a minimum. If you have turkeys or eggs for sale, you are highly encouraged to post these to the list as the purpose is to spread these turkeys whenever possible. However, people who answer these posts must do so PRIVATELY. The list can't be cluttered with communications which are only important to the two people involved. If you think you will enjoy talking to another poster on a more personal basis please do so off list as well. You will most likely have more fun and gain a new friend in doing so.

Please follow these guidelines or expect to see posts REJECTED BY THE MODERATORS. This will be done from sheer lack of time on their part. We just don't have time to edit on a list that has become high volume. Do not take it personally if you have a post come back. Just check it over and either trim it, put it back on topic, or send it privately.

REPEAT OFFENDERS CAN AND WILL BE BANNED from the list, so please take the guidelines here seriously.

The moderators want to make reading and posting on RHT an enjoyable experience for all involved. Thank you for helping us do so!