ql-recorder-en: Quality-of-Life-Recorder and AnyQuest for Windows

This mailing-list is intended to serve as a discussion forum for users of an electronic questionnaire platform: the Quality-of-Life Recorder with AnyQuest for Windows.

This generic computer based questionnaire platform, which can be integrated into existing infrastructure, may make questionnaire application more feasible than traditional paper questionnaires.

Topics discussed on this list might include: Technical: Which computers and operating systems to use, how to set them up in a practice or in a hospital, how to prepare configurations according to one's own requirements, how to optimize its use in multiple unconnected centers, how to generate one's own electronic questionnaires with the system, how to set up a secure WLAN connection, how to configure existing practice software/hospital software for data exchange with the system, how to integrate the electronic questionnaires with database solutions, how to use built in analysis tools, how to export results into statistical analysis software, how to set up live analysis and results monitoring software? Practical use: Which questionnaires can be used what for, how is questionnaire administration integrated into practical routine, how are patients invited to fill in questionnaires, how do they respond, which results do occur, and how are results discussed and put into use?

Related information is already available at www.ql-recorder.com. I hope that this discussion list becomes a good addition, beneficial for users and technical supporters alike.

Two lists are actually provided, in two languages, for German speaking and for international users:

ql-recorder-de@freelists.org: German.

ql-recorder-en@freelists.org: English.

More information: www.ql-recorder.com.