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This mailing list is for people who have permission to use our private streaming server for Internet broadcasting. It is simply a list to keep everyone informed about who is occupying the server, and when they intend to do so, as well as when the server is free so that everybody who has access to this server, is kept in the loop as to what's going on. We might also post announcements to this list should at any time, our server be down for any kind of maintanence, etc. Please also understand that this is a list only for those broadcasters we allow access to the server, this is not a listeners list. Each broadcaster in question will be responsible for communicating with the listeners he or she feels comfortable tuning into their shows, as since this is a private streaming server, we are being very careful as to who gets to broadcast here, and who tunes in. Only people we trust will be allowed to broadcast and have fun on our free form server, and we do have the right to remove you from this list, if we should ever find at a point, that you are not trustworthy enough to be using our private server in a respectful manner, and or you've violated our guidelines of the confidentiality, and we find out that people we didn't personally invite to use it, are broadcasting on the server. If we do have to remove your access to broadcast on our private server, please know that your subscription to this mailing list will be terminated at such time as well. This also holds true if we find people up on that server, but not writing into the list to let us know that you're going up there, and then letting us know when you've gotten off air, freeing the server for the next broadcaster who wishes to do an impromptu show. Thank you for reading, and Happy Broadcasting!

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