pls442: Crime, Law, Litigation & Politics

This list is set up for the PLS 442 class at Wright State, but anyone can join. The class is called "Criminal Justice," but is more accurately called, "Crime, Law, Litigation & Politics." A description of the course is located on the home page (see below). This list receives notices of all new material uploaded to the course -- including live course lectures, course announements, PowerPoint slides, and any comments offered by students. This list also facilitates discussion about issues of concern to the course subject. This can come in the form of commentary, questions or passing along news stories. Anyone is welcome to join and participate, so long as contributions are civil and helpful. Please bookmark this page in the event you want to unsubscribe.(Students: please be aware that this list is public and should NOT be used for communicating matters of a confidential nature (e.g., grades, personal problems, etc.)).