pf-dus: Psychose Forum Duesseldorf

Discussion and informations about themes around mental health problems and there living circumstances.

Hello, my name is Michael Symonds, I'm living in Germany, North Rhine Westphalen, Duesseldorf. I'm seeking a way to get two small mailinglists. As I'm a member of a self-help group called "Psychose Forum Düsseldorf" (psychosis forum of duesseldorf). Our group get together since 2002.

We met 12 times every year. We are discussing about problems and themes around mental-health problems (e.g. schizophrenia, depressions and so on).

Our members consists of three categorys: persons whom are mentally ill, whose family members and friends as well as persons whom are professionells (social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and so on). The idea and the goal of the psychosis forum of duesseldorf is to reduce prejudices and to support the understanding between the different categorys of our members.

We are in need for two mailinglists: to prepare our meetings (first list) and to talk via emails about our themes (second list). The first list will have approximately 10 - 15 members. The second appr. 30 members.

It would give me great pleasure in case you are able to support these two mailinglists for our aid.

Our website: