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"Plautdietsch" (ISO 639-3 code PDT) is the language spoken by the descendants of of the anabaptist Mennonite settlers in Prussia in the 17th century. A majority of these "Mennonites" who today live in Mexico, Belize, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, USA and Canada can not really communicate in any other language.

This list is a forum for:

* Developing a written vocabulary in Plautdietsch.

* Documenting the various differences in usage, due to isolation and geography.

* Translation to (and from) Plautdietsch.

* Orthography of the Plautdietsch - as spoken by the "Ooltkolnia".

* Variations of the "Molotschna" dialect in the Americas, and the European dialects.

* Documenting the grammar of Plautdietsch.

Anybody interested in the Plautdietsch language - and learning to write in Plautdietsch - may join this list.

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