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This group is dedicated to anyone who has Ophthalmology related career experience of any type and/or special insight/valuable information to share with the Ophthalmic community. This is Your forum, so make it yours and keep it organic. Do not defame anyone's character, Do not advertise or sell products or services(details below). Respect each other. This forum is meant to be a source of sharing and learning with the help of your colleagues, add your insight to discussions, ask specific questions, network, Tell the group if you are seeking a job. Post a job opening. Share technological information, new and upcoming advancements ophthalmology related(do not attempt to use this sight as a means to advertise your product/service) In order to keep this group spam and advertisement free, We ask that members report any suspicious activities. we believe in protecting the privacy of our members, so we will make sure that no email that has been previously reported as spam is allowed in the group. We will NEVER share your information with anyone! PLEASE READ!!! If you are here to share information about a new technology or RX, or are otherwise employed in the medical equipment/supplies/drug/RX/staffing/recruiting/ or to solicit any products or services to the members of this community, you will NOT be automatically excluded from membership, we know that you may have valuable information relating to this group and we appreciate input from all industry insiders. IMPORTANT- if you want to share any information about your company's new or existing technology/product/service/or anything that can be considered an advertisement, we ask that you; 1. tell the administrators upon YOUR submission request to be included in this group if you plan on posting info pertaining to your job. IF THE ADMINISTRATORS DISCOVER YOU WERE NOT HONEST, THIS IS A VIOLATION, YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL BE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED OR EVEN BANNED FOR LIFE DEPENDING ON THE SERIOUSNESS OF SAID OFFENSE GROUP MEMBERS ARE ASKED TO REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 2. Do Not use your company's name or any company specific identifiers(no emails, no phone #'s) within your posts when discussing the products or services, These are meant to be informative and helpful, not to crowd the feed with advertisements and sales pitches. If someone wants to get in contact with you regarding your product/service, DO NOT ASK THEM FOR OR GIVE OUT ANY CONTACT INFO, SEND US AN EMAIL ABOUT THE INFO REQUEST AND WE WILL ALWAYS PASS IT ON TO THE INTERESTED PARTY, PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT, SO WE MUST PROTECT ALL MEMBERS 3, DO NOT POST ABOUT ANY 1(ONE) SPECIFIC PRODUCT OR SERVICE MORE THAN 1X IN ANY 14 DAY (FOURTEEN DAY)PERIOD, DO NOT TRY RE-WORDING A POST AS A LOOPHOLE AROUND THIS VIOLATION!. YOU MAY POST UNRELATED TOPICS, BUT DO NOT INCLUDE ANY COMPANY IDENTIFIERS OR SOLICITATIONS, DO NOT CLOG UP THE FEED BY OVERSHARING, If a member of the group is interested in knowing more about your company's name/product/service/info/etc, they can ask what it is they need to know in public, we will promptly forward any questions to you in private as per requested by the group member in need of the info. RESPECT EACH OTHER, AND MAKE THE BEST OF THE RESOURCES THAT ARE GIVEN.... DO IT ETHICALLY THOUGH.

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