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OVF sees the challenge and opportunity of using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to address the AIDS epidemic in Africa while providing a platform for development and outreach to promote sustainable development in Africa and beyond. The world is in deepening crisis because conventional approaches and solutions no longer work. Accepting that the world functions on a very holistic level means that we need to create systems on a local level that affirm this holistic approach. OVF is a non-profit, promoting social enterprise solutions integrating ICT with sustainable development in both developing and developed regions of the world. We are committed to increasing collaboration and access to ICT in under-served communities all over the world as part of a process of building local problem-solving capabilities, and increasing the level of economic opportunity for all regardless of income who are committed to socially conscious and sustainable economic development.

The core component of our solutions-based approach is to start at most elemental component of human culture and society--the community--and develop an experimental model from which to determine the best and most rapid way to grow a sustainable economy from the bottom-up. Unity Center Ecovillage prototypes will demonstrate the feasibility of this integrated and transitional approach towards more environmentally and socially responsible technologies. This is not simply about technology but about using technology with wisdom. These projects will demonstrate that these technologies properly integrated in a live/work environment can provide us with a significant improvement in the way we live today.