NOREDInet is an Email Discussion List established by the Northern Region Development Initiative (NOREDI), a non-political and non-profit making organization whose mission, goals and objectives are: to lead a people-driven, physical, social and economic development of the Northern Region. The purpose of the List is to allow its members to discuss, contribute ideas and developmental plans and suggestions for the betterment of the Northern Region.

The motto of NOREDI is “Emancipating the North”.

Membership to NOREDInet Email Discussion List is strictly by invitation or sponsorship by at least one person, who is already a member of the group, and seconded by not less three more members.

By joining and using this list, you agree that you have read and will follow the rules and guidelines set for these peer discussion groups. You also agree to reserve list discussions for topics consistent with the list's goals and objectives.

Please read the following civility guidelines, policies and rules that apply to the NOREDInet listserv and discussion group.