This list discuss Proxy Tools & utilities designed mainly to assist those

whose Internet access is censored, unreliable, or otherwise damaged.

Uncensored access is provided to any outside service required (Usenet

News, Web browsing, IRC, Socks etc.).

In pursuit of this rather non-specific goal, some interesting network

utilities have already been produced (like proxyTools by 'wayne').

This mailing list is of interest to the following groups of people:

1) those who live in Internet censoring countries (or corporations,

schools, universities) such as the Middle East (United Arab Emirates,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria), China, Burma, etc.

2) those who would wish to assist those in the group above.

3) those who administer the firewalls which do the censoring, and those

who might be considering this.

4) those who are just curious about the current techniques used by the

first group above.