milwr: Milwr Morganwg

Milwr Morganwg are a non-profit making historical re-enactment organisation, based in the United Kingdom, with members in various parts of the country.

We research a number of subjects concerning the history and technology of european medieval life, both civilian and military.

This mailing list will be concerned with sharing and discussing scientific information, ie. primary and secondary sources for our research like bibliographic and scientific archaeological findings which, amazingly, are still being discovered - several hundred years later. For our research, we make extensive use of Information Technology, with the Internet a major source of scientific information. Use of a mailing list would enable us to optimise the exchange of information, helping us to be more up-to-date and correct in our knowledge, and therefore more effective in our educational efforts: the "tangible" outcome of our research is the re-creation of medieval technology and its display and explanation to the public during the summer months, helping to inform and educate a wider public about the origins of modern technology, science and society.