metaphysical_assembly: Metaphysical Assembly

The MA is a not-for-profit spiritual community that has been participating in local gatherings and interacting online together for a number of years. The people involved in the legal formation of the MA have been in the Spiritual Community for several years, and many have been involved in the creation of several past groups and organizations.

The purpose of the MA is To Provide Sanctuary and Services for Spiritually Compatible Metaphysical Explorers while Fostering Understanding and Cooperation among All Paths.

The MA seeks to eventually have in place a fully functional website and permanent physical location. At such a point in time it is planned that many spiritual amenities will be available, such as indoor and outdoor ritual spaces open to participants for various purposes, regular metaphysical services, an eclectic mix of clergy offering guidance and services such as weddings and house cleansings. There will be ritual opportunities, drumming circles, classes, discussions, charity support, and more recognition within the community in general.