mcdchs: McDonald County Historical Society

McDonald County is located in the extreme southwest corner of Missouri bordering Oklahoma and Arkansas. The County has a proud history rich in pioneer spirit and American values. The mission of the McDonald County Historical Society is to preserve the County's history by documenting, researching, and sharing information, data, and research with the public.

One of the long-term goals of the Society has been to preserve the County's history through multimedia, specifically videotapes. The current leadership has renewed this project approved by previous boards and, today, Society members and leaders are actively moving forward with the project. Several lifetime citizens in McDonald County have been contacted and are recording historical memories and the tapes for this project are now in production.

The McDonald County Historical Society is building this website to host a variety of news and resources for persons interesting in the history and genealogy of McDonald County, Missouri. This website is a live and ongoing project. Persons wishing to contribute comments or information