madhwayuvapratishthana: MYP group


Welcome to Madhwa Yuva Pratishthana Trust (MYP), a registered Trust.

Our Objectives:

1. Create an opportunity to learn Madhwa Siddhantha, Tattvavada and propagate the same. Support to Veda / Vedantha students, teachers, Vidyapeetas. Encouragement to higher studies in Veda/Vedantha and build a close a relationship with the upcoming pandits. Activities - Pravachana, Workshops, Seminars, Quiz, Awareness Programs, Questionnaires, Handouts etc.

2. Rebuild & enhance a strong Madhwa network in general, youth & kids in particular. Activities - Bhajane, Vayustuti Purascharane, Cultural activities, Family get together to understand the needs & aspiration of Group members.

3. Conduct Yatre and offer an opportunity to all the Madhwas, to visit our holy places at nominal costs with zero burden on logistic arrangements. Prepare travelogues / reports / Roadmaps/ of each yatre and spread the awareness to Madhwa community for their further utility.

4. Care for the deserving Madhwa students especially handicapped students, Unemployed youth, pandits who are purely in Vaidika Vruthhi, Madhwa Vidyapeeta / Institutions/ Organizations, etc in fulfilling their needs. Activities - Financial support, Scholarships, counselling etc.

5. MYP website which would promote eLearning and repository of information related to Tattvavada Contents - Information on religious places, Madhwa/Mata parampare, Achara-Vichara, Dasa Sahitya and many more -create Madhwapedia, which is going to be a One Stop Solution for Madhwa Siddhantha related queries, information and ji~jnaase.

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