lbc-instructors: Lions Blind Center Instructors' List

This list serves as a forum for instructors teaching Assistive Technology at the Lions Blind Center, Oakland, and provides an easy-to-use means of communicating with one another about questions, concerns, procedural changes, and other relevant information pertaining to the occupants of the LBC Computer Lab. This list welcomes your feedback; please try to keep messages on-topic, however if you wish to contribute something or have a suggestion which you believe may prove helpful for other instructors, you can either email me directly or bring it to the list for further discussion. The LBC-Instructors List is a closed list and is not available to individuals other than those currently teaching Assistive Technology to clients of the LBC. Let's try to keep off-topic discussion to a minimum over here, and let's see if we can take a good program and make it even better.

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