laffs: Leaning the technology of flying

A group of model fliers learning about the sport. When we build a new plane, have a problem with a plane, then as fliers we have to seek out the answers.

Such a learning activity is often best done when you describe the situation with others who have some experience in the area. This is an educational process where the fliers share information and ideas to develop the sport of model flying.

The information of the sport is changing in the technical area. There will be many topics covered, but a new challenging area for modelers, are the many technological improvements in the area of electic motors for planes. There is a new type of motor out that is very powerful and called brushless. These motors require the modelers to match the battery, electronics and motor to the mass, drag and style of plane to get the type of perfermance required with out the electrical system over heating or the plane being under powered. This is just an example of the technical issues the fliers will be discussing. The new lithium polimer batteries are being used in model aircraft now. They are lighter and more powerful than other batteries. Their use is dangerous as they will ignite and have to be used properly. They have to be matched to the motor and electronic speed controler. The mAh, draw (amps) of the battery have to be calculated as well as whether the battery will physically fit in the plane.

Another example would be the radio equipment. There are new radios out now that a flier can scan frequencies, select channels and control about anything on a plane. The operations of these computer transmitters have to be learnt and understood.

The evolution of model aircraft continues and I feel it would be great if a group of fliers could discuss, share and enjoy learning about these technical issues of flying model aircraft that are ever changing.