kubikkollektiv: kubik kollektiv

This is the discussion list for the Linz (AT)-based Kubik Kollektiv working network. We connect artists out of different domains by the means of new technology. Our discussion topics include, but are not limited to:- recent software for DJs, VJs, designers, producers (e.g. Resolume, Max/MSP, Ableton Live)- enhancing software and pushing new technology (writing plugins, timecode vinyl, combining vinyl and MP3, writing new software)- recent hardware (USB-enabled turntables, midi/OSC controllers, multi-touch interfaces)- combining and enhancing hardware (e.g. laptops, controllers, cds, vinyl, timecode vinyl, mixers, projectors, cameras, multi-touch interfaces)Our members explore technology by the use of their skills, including, but not limited to, djing, vjing, graphic design, fashion design, developing new hard- and software, web development and design, music composition.what we do: djing, vjing, graphic design, fashion, technology, programming.

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