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This list provides an opportunity for Orientation and Mobility instructors, teachers, users, and other interested parties to discuss teaching methods, user strategies, and other relevant information about the 'K' Sonar device. The 'K' Sonar is an ultra-sound-based assistive technology device. It derives information about environmental obstaces through analysis of sweep ultrasound reflections and translates this information into audible sound patterns. The nearer the object, the lower the pitch. Tone color also changes according to the type of object; a hard wall produces a clear musical tone while a shrub (with many tiny parts) produces a hiss-like tone. Blind persons use the 'K' Sonar to acquire information about environmental obstacles and to develop object recognition skills based on the type of sound provided by the device. The 'K' Sonar can be hand held or mounted on a long cane (a primary mobility aid used by blind persons to locate and move around obstacles). The 'K' Sonar was invented and developed by Bay Advanced Technologies in New Zealand and is sold in the United States and its territories by the American Printing House for the Blind. It is used by Orientation and Mobility instructors and their students in school settings during O&M lessons and also by blind independent travellers.

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