jbjetfightermafia: LW Jet Fighter Advocacy

"Machines don't fight wars, People do,

and they use their minds."

John Richard Boyd.

A topical forum, specialised in

Military Reform Minded

Critical Analysis Content.

With emphasis in spirit towards the

critical thought processes, and

alternative perspectives practiced by

the late legendary USAF Col. John Boyd,

his distinguished colligues, and

present day following.

For those who've developed sofisticated

interests in Military aviation affairs,

analysis, history, and research.

Unique in it's conception

this forum goes beyond topical news

groups, enthusiasts, or casual

hobbiests forums.

Not for everybody,

In essience this is a topical research

site, practically an anti-enthusiasts

forum, for those who's interests have

evolved beyond the mainstream.

For those looking for, and wishing to share and

express a critical alternative perspective,

and a chance to chalange conventional thinking,

along the lines of what's going on in the

world of military aviation and related


Discussion of 4th generation warfare,

critically minded analysis on the state

of military aviation, history, &

procurement policy.

Analysis of stratigic issues, geo-politics,

economics, and world affairs as they