jbc: Johannes-Brahms-Chor Hannover

This is the mailing list of the Johannes Brahms Choir of Hanover (JBC).

Subscribers are members and former members of the choir. But there

are some external subscribers, too.

Topics on the list are mainly organisational details of concerts and rehearsals.

Occasional discussions of the choirs performance or reflections on future

projects are welcome, too. The same goes for farewells or other announcements

which are relevant to the whole choir.

The mailing list was hosted at jbc@lilalaser.de for about ten years. However,

the ISP this domain was hosted on went out of business in early 2017.

The size of the choir is about 50 active members plus a couple of formerly actives.

The choir is proud to sing in about five concerts and events per year.

See the JBC homepage for details: