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Hello! and welcome to the jaws list on freelists.org the rules are going to be redone! and they are as follows! 1. No profanity! 2. Their will be no bashing of Freedom Scientific! if you have a problem with them, then you take it up with them! 3. Their will be absolutely no fighting on here whatsoever! and no threatening or abusing and harassing other list members, and no derogratory remarks twards each other! 4. if you know that a message is off topic, then don't post it! 5. If someone asks a question, and you don't know? then please don't post a response saying you don't know, because it'll clutter my list with traffic! 6. their will be absolutely no discussing of illegal software, sutch as cracking jaws for example. 7. and finally, the golden rule is, we treat each other the way we want to be treated, and that's with respect! sense I'm the owner of this list, I've set fourth some goals for myself to have a smooth running list, and one of my goals are, not coming acrossed so abruptly, and making friends with people that are totally blind like myself, So come aboard, and let's share each others knowledge! 8. and finally, their will be no blocking each others email address. Just because you don't like another member, that doesn't give anyone of you guys the right to block that persons email address, even though you blocked their email address, their messages will still go to my list so other people will see them. so if either one of you guys block someones email address, you'll be automaticly band from my list with out a warning.

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