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The Nikola Tesla Institute has been established in December, 2012 in the capital of Brazil Braslia. The founders of the Institute are Celso Nicoli, a retired colonel of the Brazilian military who worked as a researcher at the Institute of Military Research in Rio de Janeiro and Boris Petrovic the representative of the Tesla Science Foundation in Brazil.

The Institute houses a functioning, fully automated laboratory, built to carry on research in Tesla technologies, with the goal of development of new energy technologies, wireless energy transmission and research and development of human energy (bio-resonance) technologies.

The main project of the research is proving Teslas Earth Resonance concept of global wireless energy transfer. For this purpose a terrain has been bought 250km north of Brasilia at an altitude of 1300m that will serve as a test-field for the prototype VLF energy transmitting antennas being currently built in the laboratory in Brasilia. Our objective is researching the possibility of using the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly as a cosmic energy source that we can tap in using advanced Tesla Technologies.

For further information please visit the web site of the Nikola Tesla Institute

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