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This is a continuation of the Ambertides INFP Listserv, which is slated for shutdown in 2019.

The INFP list was founded in November 1993 by Charles Shepherd, due to the interest he and several others had developed in personality psychology. The list membership has grown over the years, and there are now over five hundred subscribers, representative of several different countries. Chuck's written statement about the list is as relevant now as it ever was.

"We don't have a formal purpose or statement for the 'goals' of this forum. A general consensus, though, is that there are three broad reasons for this group (besides that it's fun). We're here to help ourselves explore the psychology/nature of being an INFP (the differences/similarities between ourselves), a place to share feelings on life in general, and a place where non-INFPs can learn and understand us a little better.

"We have built a special community with the infp mailing list. I hope you agree. Several people have called the list a nice, safe place on the net and a place where we belong. As such, this list is important to many of us. Please respect this in your list participation. If you're new to the list, please wait a few messages before posting to get a sense of the flow and community we have developed here. This may take two or three days or perhaps longer if we're being very quiet. I (and everyone) like it when people contribute to the list, and we would like to be able to include you in our electronic forum." -- Chuck Shepherd

To read a profile of the INFP personality type written by INFPs, please visit:

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