icehorses: Equine Gaits, Bio-Mechanics

Equine Anatomy,

Biomechanics, Conformation, Gaits, and Training:

This is a special email discussion list on the topic of equine anatomy, biomechanics, conformation, and gait in regard to, but not limited to, gaited horses. All members of the list participate in discussions either by giving opinions, adding or introducing information, asking questions, etc.

We are discussing these topics and the works of Dr. Deb Bennett, Principles of Conformation Analysis; Susan Harris' Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement; Sara Wyche's Understanding the Horse's Back; Dr. Hilary Clayton's Equine Locomotion, and other pertinent works such as the Swedish biomechanics studies of Mikael Holmstr�m.

We will also touch on Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge, and the dressage literature and how it can be applied to Icelandic Horses and other gaited horse breeds.

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