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Hurricane Net is a list which provides the technology for birders, scientists, wildlife managers, and other field biologists to inhance their study of birds affected by high winds from hurricanes. The list is owned by Wallace Coffey located at Bristol, TN/VA. The list provides a media of exchange to help better understanding patterns of storm influence on ocean dwelling birds (pelagic birds) and other bird species driven on shore and often inland during storm landfall and when hurricane systems or near shore. The network began in the fall of 1995. It is most active when we have landfall of a hurricane. We have a great history of real-time reporting of storm driven birds from near the eyes of storms and in the wake of their passage. We've been written up in Birding and Field Notes for this network's major contributions to the coverage of storm driven birds. The net provides advanced warning of the prospects of a hurricane driven birds, birders preparing their feeders in the path of a storm and reports of what birds do during hurrican landfalls and shortly thereafter. Discussions of storm paths and predicitons of affects upon birds are welcome. This is a nationwide net but most reports are from the Eastern and Southeastern United States.

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