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The Church of the Holy Comforter (www.hoco.org) is an Episcopal church in Richmond Va, part of the Diocese of Virginia (www.thediocese.net). The governing body of our church is called the Vestry. The intent of this list is for members of the Vestry to be able to send a single message and have it forwarded automatically to all the other members of the Vestry. The advantage of using a list would be that whenever a Vestry member's term of office ends, and someone new takes over the position, the list could be modified, and each member would not need to remember all of the members' e-mail addresses and be sure to include them all.

Your e-mail said that the expectation is that our list be "high quality with interesting, noteworthy topics and conversations" - the topics might be interesting to us, but probably would not be interesting to anyone who is not on the list. If your lists are intended to be publicly accessible, and of interest to the masses, then we would not be a good fit for your service. If that's the case, then thanks anyway.

If this list does work out the way we hope, I will be asking to add another one: our Prayer List. That will be used to notify parishioners whenever someone is in need of prayer, and will have about 150 members.

Thank you.

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