guidebook-project: The Intersection of Blindness and Mental Health Guidebook Project

This list will be a base of communication for a group of people interested in researching and writing for a project to create a guidebook for mental health professionals working with blind or visually impaired clients. We will discuss such things as the current treatment of blind and visually impaired clients in the mental health system, interviews of blind or VI clients and mental health professionals about how they would like to see things change for blind or VI people, the interaction of social workers, therapists, and psychiatrists with blind and VI clients both in outpatient and inpatient settings, and research into a better practice of working with blind and VI clients. The goal of the list is to write the guidebook and promote its position in as many mental health libraries and hospitals as possible so more people will be educated on the proper method of working with blind and VI clients. The typical member will be a person connected to the mental health system in one way or another (as a client, therapist, social worker, or psychiatrist) who is interested in researching or writing a part of the guidebook. After the guidebook is written, the list will continue to thrive as we promote and discuss the best mmethods of getting the guidebook out to the mental health system.