guide-dog-l: Dog Guide List For Australia and New Zealand

Guide-dog-l is for guide and seeing eye dog users around Australia and New Zealand to discuss topics including


happy moments with dog guides,

mobility issues

and anything that a list member may feel strongly about.

Dog guide handlers, puppy raisers and people interested in obtaining a Dog guide are more than welcome!

There are three things I ask you to keep in mind when thinking to post to this list:

1. One line messages aren't encouraged. They are often not relevant to most list members, so if you agree with a comment someone has made, write to that

person privately.

2. No criticising other members about opinions which they may hold. If you have an issue to discuss with them that is either not related to dog guides,

or may not benefit other members, again, write to the person concerned instead of the whole list.

3. What is said on this list, stays on the list. Guide-Dog-L is a forum for Australian and New Zealand handlers to share information, concerns and experiences relating to dog guides. Therefore personal messages written by an individual list member are not to be forwarded on to another email discussion list or

to a person who is not a member of guide-dog-l.

If these guidelines are not met, I as list owner will contact members involved privately, and if disruptive behaviour continues, will unsubscribe the relevant list members.

I hope you enjoy this list and gain helpful information and support. Feel free to let other Australian and New Zealand guide and seeing eye dog handlers know of this list's existence.

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