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Welcome to the Guide Dog Chat list!

This is a safe and fun guide dog team community where you can ask for advice, voice your opinion, chit chat and just be yourself.

We, as a guide dog user community, welcome any discussion or comments you might have. Although this forum is primarily for guide dog users, everyone is welcome, all opinions are valued here at Guide Dog Chat.

The members of this list represent a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, personalities and self-identities.

We encourage you to join the conversations. However, violations of list rules or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Please read the following forum rules before posting in the community:

1. Keep it affirmative. This is a supportive environment where we can freely exchange ideas and provide constructive advice and information. Personal attacks or inflammatory language disrupts the affirmative nature of the list. So, let's keep our cool and refrain from using hurtful or harmful language. Translation: We will not always agree but we can disagree without causing a scene.

2. Save the SPAM. One of the things that makes this community great is our full participation in the threads and discussions taking place. Posting messages with the sole purpose of soliciting a product or plugging a blog or site, interrupts the flow of conversation and detracts from the advice-driven purpose of the forum. Please refrain from posting links to products, blogs or sites unless it is in direct relation to the topic at hand.

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4. Signature lines plugs are OK. Just wrote a book or edit a blog? Want to plug your MySpace, Twitter or Facebook page? Feel free to place your html tags in your signature line and not in the body of the message.

5. Don't share personal contact information to the list. Even though this is a safe community, it's never a good idea to post your phone number, or mailing address. All posted numbers and addresses will be deleted by the moderators. Please remember that if you wish to share your personal information, do so off-list!

6. Moderators have discretion. The moderators reserve the right to delete any post or suspend/ban any member for violation of the above rules. Please direct any comments or concerns to the list owner.